Rustam Mirasov 

A famou1s imagemaker and hair-stylist Rustam Mirasov had the  dream of becoming a hair-stylist since his early childhood, but his way to this profession wasn't easy. There weren't many educational professional institutions at that moment.

One day Rustam visited several hairsalons and was looking for a place where he could become a journeyman. 
He has reached his first victory in 1996.

He took part in many different city, region and international contests. He worked on probation in Germany in Leipzig. He also was a technologist of Londa Company. 

The first international contest, where he'd taken the fifth place, was in the capital of Latvia, the city of Riga. 
He took part for the first time on russian championship in 1996.
In 1999 Rustam was on probation in Paris at Eugene Perma company. 
One day he was lucky as he had met a great master, Irina Baranova. He has worked 7 years together with her. At that time he became Moscow, Russia and Europe champion and the World absolute champion.

In 2003 Rustam became Moscow Hair dressing art champion and champion of Russia in the same category. After that he became the member of the russian national team. 

The World champion title Rustam won in 2006 when he had won 4 gold medals, World Cup and absolute championship prise in the nomination “The best men’s fashion cut and styling”. 
In 2008 Rustam incorporated his beauty salon “Mir Asov” in the center of Moscow. 

Since 2010 till 2012 Rustam was ambassodor in Revlon company.

Rustam was also studying in world name academies, such as Milanskaya, Vidal Sassoon, Mazella & Palmer...




* 1994. Chelyabinsk - Prize - title designer

* 1995. Chelyabinsk - Award - as the youngest participant

* 1996. Chelyabinsk - Champion in Chelyabinsk

* 1996. The regional contest "Ural-Sibirskaya zlatovlaska" - II place

* 1996. Championship of Russia Moscow - VII place

* 1997. Samara Regional Competition - III place

* 1997. Championship in St. Petersburg - III place

* 1997. Championship of Russia Moscow - VI place

* 1998. International Competition in Latvia, Riga - V place

* 2001. Championship of Moscow

* 2003. Championship in St. Petersburg - IV place

* 2003. Championship in Moscow. Grand Prix

* 2003. Championship of Russia Moscow - Grand Prix

* 2004. Championship in St. Petersburg - IV place

* 2004. World championship of hairdressing art in Italy, Milan - personal credit VIII, IX place, color III, country - V place

* 2005. International Open Hairdressing Championship in Helsinki, Finland - II place

* 2005. Open European Championship in Germany, Frankfurt - V place

* 2005. Championship of Eastern Europe, Moscow - Grand Prix

* 2005. Open Hairdressing Championship, Greece, Athens - II place

* 2006. European Championship in hairdressing in Germany, Frankfurt - Grand Prix

* 2006. World championship of hairdressing art in Russia, Moscow - 4 gold medals, World Cup, the absolute world champion in the category "Men's fashion haircut and styling and fashionable image

* 2008. World championship of hairdressing art in the United States, Chicago

Photo contests

In 2007 he participated in RHDA (Russian Hair Dressing Awards). 5-time nominee for the title - the hair dresser of the year.

In 2008 Color Zoom participated in the project, 5 years in a row in the category Global Creative Colorist

In 2011, the national winner (Russia), the international finals in Miami (USA)

In 2013, the national winner (Russia), the international final in Los Angeles (USA) - Grand Prix worldwinner

In 2013, an international competition AIPP (London), the victory in the category, Best Men Collection 2013-2014!!!

From 2010 to 2012 - Top Ambassador of Revlon

In 2014, he won the silver medal Global Trophy AIPP

In 2016 he became the national winner of the All Star Challenge AMERICAN CREW


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